Terms and Conditions

Humbly as I can, I have to say that my designer cutting is always superlative.† No one has ever been unhappy with the craftsmanship and beauty of the gems I offer.

And while I do my best to photograph my work as accurately as possible, it must be acknowledged that different computer monitors display color quality differently, one from another.

So, with that in mind, I do offer a return policy.† Once I have received full payment for a gem, upon clearing, I will ship via UPS 2nd Day Air and email you the tracking number.† Upon your receiving the gem, feel free to take up to 3 business days to observe the color, show it to family and friends, and make your final decision.† If, for any reason, you wish to return the gem, you may do so with no questions asked by simply notifying me of your intent within those first 3 business days via phone or email.†† Upon my receiving the gem back in good order, I will refund your payment IN FULL less my original shipping and insurance cost.† Thatís it!†

In regards to shipping, I only ship via UPS 2nd Day Air in the United States and via Federal Express International everywhere else.† These are the most dependable and timely ways to ship for me while still being able to fully insure my valuable gems under my own insurance policy.† If you must return a gemstone, please return it via REGISTERED MAIL and insure it for its full value.† You cannot return ship to me via UPS or Fed Ex because they do not insure loose gemstones.† I can ship to you that way only because I have a separate insurance underwriter.† So please only return ship on the 4th business day (or earlier) via Registered Mail and insured for its value.† The safe return of my gem is your responsibility just as it was my responsibility to get it to you in the first place.

In regards to payment, I must apologize that I am not set up to receive credit card payments.†

I DO accept:

Paypal paid to the account address of: rhomer@concavegems.com††

Personal checks to be paid to the order of:

Gems By Design, Inc. at 1675 East Main Street, suite 323†† Kent, OH† 44240.††

A transaction can also be completed by way of a U.S. Direct Deposit or an International Bank Wire. Banking information for either can be sent to you upon request.

And while I do not have a specific layaway plan, on a case-to-case basis, I will consider putting a gem on a short-term hold for you.† Please call or email me with your needs and interests and I will see if I can work with you on it. †In any case, any deposits made toward a gem are non-refundable.† I am happy to give you a credit toward another purchase if you change your mind, but, I cannot refund monies on a layaway or hold.† And nothing put on layaway or hold can be shipped out until full payment is received.

Thank you for your interest in my gem artistry!† If you have not discovered already, you will soon see that my award-winning gem artistry is second to none; breathing life and beauty into a gem as never seen before.† Thatís a bold statementÖand a challenge successfully met in the cutting of every crystal.†† Enjoy!

Richard P. Homer, G.G.