Though Mr. Homer came to GIA after earning a Bachelors Degree in Geology from Kent State University, both he and Mr. Hulsey uniquely finished top in their respective Graduate Gemologist classes while attending GIA’s Santa Monica, California campus. Indeed, upon graduation, both left to create significant career experiences only to return, once more, to GIA ---only this time as Instructors.

“ The gemological training one receives as a student from GIA is unparalleled in the United States. And the opportunities, experiences, and continued education that we received as GIA Instructors was even more phenomenal,”states Mr. Homer.

Both confide that their experiences at GIA have significantly impacted them as gem cutters and dealers. “An intimate knowledge of the physical, chemical, and optical properties of so many gemstones, from Amblygonite to Zoisite, as well as a deep knowledge of determinative gemology greatly assists us with important practical aspects…in both the cutting and the marketing of fine gems”, affirms Mr. Hulsey. A deep understanding that is evident in the superior craft, gem artistry, and value of ConcaveGems.Com.

“ It is also wise to remember that so many gemstones are either synthetically created or enhanced with such things like oil, resin, dyes, irradiation, and surface diffusion that it is extremely important for a gem cutter and gemologist to know how to detect these things in the material he works with and sells”, advises Mr. Homer.

Both avow that full disclosure of synthetic or color enhancement processes is of paramount importance to safeguard consumers. As a Firm Member of The American Gem Trade Association, ConcaveGems.Com (Gems By Design, Inc.) adheres to this strict policy of disclosure, so that one can make an educated decision and buy with confidence.


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