Our planet Earth is composed of rocks and minerals, and gemstones encompass a minute fraction of the mineral kingdom. Extremely rare, crystalline wonders, gemstones are generally formed deep within the Earth beyond our reach. The effects of mountain building, the geologic passing of time and erosion make these natural wonders available to us – and only at great expense and effort are such wonders put into our hands.

As gem cutters, we at ConcaveGems.com consider ourselves worthy stewards of such precious, natural treasures; respecting gem materials not only for their rarity, but as the embodiment of natural, pristine beauty crystallized in time and space. A fine gemstone is worthy of our best efforts in order to realize all the natural, inherent beauty of the material. Our goal is a gemstone that is dazzling as a harmony of light, color and design.

We strive to achieve the maximum beauty, color and brilliance that is unique to each individual gem. Furthermore, we are confident that you will readily appreciate the creativity, skill and artistry that sets our gems apart from the typically wasteful, mass produced, third-world “gem" stones that are so commonly seen in jewelry stores or purchased off the internet.



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